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Wood Column
Product ID: TC1064
Manufacturer: Turncraft

Turncraft Wood Colonial Columns begin with the milling of finger-jointed or solid staves to exacting dimensions. The staves are then assembled into a raw shaft using the strongest Type-I waterproof glue. Torque bands are wrapped around the shaft applying 90 to 100 pounds of pressure per square inch, transforming the individual staves into a single unity, ready for precision turning.

All paint-grade wood shafts and Caps and Bases are fully immersed in Woodtreat MB water-repellent to provide maximum protection against mold, mildew, staining and decaying fungi. This also improves the dimensional stability and aids in the control of shrinking, swelling and warping, providing you with a stable, reliable product that meets all current and proposed government standards.

Wood Colonial Columns can be custom-fluted for any height, and are available in tapered and non-tapered shafts that feature concise edges and meticulous attention to detail-delivering natural beauty to most any project.

Our 6" through 12" Colonial Columns are equipped with Poly-U-Rim Caps & Bases, specially designed to provide increased durability-no joint separation-for easy installation. The 14" and larger Colonial Columns come with standard polyurethane Caps & Bases.

See www.Turncraft.com/#colonial for color options and sizes.

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