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Wood Porch/Lamp Post
Product ID: TC3048
Manufacturer: Turncraft

Now homeowners, commercial builders, and residential contractors can enjoy the traditional aesthetics of turned porch posts with the non-traditional benefits of one of the most advanced construction materials in the world today-fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP). Pound for pound, this material is stronger than concrete, steel, or aluminum.

Poly-Classic Porch Posts are non-porous and waterproof. They are impervious to termite and carpenter ant attacks as well as staining and decaying fungi. High-humidity environments that are so hard on wood have no effect on Poly-Classic Porch Posts; they are rot-proof because they absorb virtually no moisture. In fact, temperature extremes and thermal cycling have very little effect on FRP.

Structurally, Poly-Classic Porch Posts are among the most versatile vertical supports available. Because they are so resistant to environmental threats, being cast from a single piece of FRP, Poly-Classic Porch Posts will support substantial loads with ample safety margins and will never split or disassemble.

SeeĀ www.turncraft.com/#porch for color options and sizes.

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